The Two Things Between You and By Anthony Iannarino – The Sales Blog – June 6, 2018

You don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue your own dreams. Truth be told, you have never needed it. Seeking permission is to deny that you’re empowered to pursue your version of success, that thing that will most fulfill you. No one gives you permission to pursue success; you take it. There is an equally dangerous obstacle standing between you and success: your need for approval. There’ll be plenty of people who don’t like what you do.

There’ll be some who oppose what you do. There will be some who are jealous and withhold their approval because they fear what you’ll become. You don’t need the approval of others. You don’t need to check with anyone to see if your dream and your purpose is valid. Stop waiting for permission; you already have it. Stop seeking approval; your own is enough.

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