65 is no longer the expected age of retirement for the Medicare-eligible

By the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College – March 25, 2020

A majority of adults believe there’s better than a 50/50 chance they’ll still be working full-time after age 65, a new study found. Adults 18 to 70 were asked to rate themselves for 52 different cognitive, physical, psychomotor and sensory abilities that determine the capacity to work. When researchers compared older and younger participants, they found many self-assessments of abilities were very similar. Here are three of the central findings:

  • The more occupations people can do, the more likely they were to say they would work past 65;
  • Workers over 60 with a higher capacity to work said they would be more likely to remain employed even after 70;
  • One in four of the retirees with a very high capacity for work would consider “un-retiring” and returning to the labor force.

This study seems to indicate that if older people are capable of working, they are more willing to do so.