Cropped portrait of a group of quirky senior friends messing around outdoorsBy Glenn Ruffenach – The Wall Street Journal

 According to the Pew Research Center, which analyzed retirement habits, Americans age 60+ sleep just over 8½ hours a day. About seven hours are spent on leisure: three hours on chores and errands; a little more than one hour on eating; about one hour on personal activities, such as grooming and health care; and just under an hour on unpaid caregiving and volunteering. Men age 60+ spend two hours a day on paid work; women age 60+ spend one hour and 12 minutes.

Retirees, according to a Texas Tech study, spend 34 minutes a day on “food and drink preparation,” compared with just 17 minutes for full-time workers. Translation: retirees are more likely to eat in than dine out or buy prepared foods, and are saving money in the process.


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