If you’ve identified a good prospect – and if you know you can create value for this prospect – you need to be the first to invest in that relationship. Instead of straight pitching, do some value-creating first; make some deposits in the deal that’ll make it easier for the prospect to say “yes” to a conversation to explore commerce. There’s no reason to ever demonstrate to a prospective client how easily discouraged you are, or how quickly you give up. No one wants to work with someone who quits at the first sign of resistance. We all want to work with people who persist and succeed. You should never expect a “yes” on the first ask. The first “no” is free. Your prospect gives that “no” to everyone. The fifth “no” … now that’s interesting. Not a lot of people get a fifth “no,” because not a lot of people are persistent enough to ask five times. Mostly they go away after being told “no” one or two times. The fifth time you hear “no,” you are being persistent. And persistence is one attribute you need to be a good AmeriLife insurance agent.


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