If there’s one thing that’s 100% within your control, it’s your effort. You control how hard you work. Not your manager. Not anyone else. No one can, or will, stop you from working hard. The effort you make is yours alone. If it isn’t enough, it’s all on you. You control how many hours you work, too. The time you invest in work each day has nothing to do with scheduled hours; it has nothing to do with whether you’re paid hourly, salary or straight commission. You can work as much as you want – or as little. If you’re being out-hustled, it’s because you’re allowing it. If someone’s working harder than you, they’re likely to produce more and better results. Even if they aren’t as smart or as talented or as well-connected as you. There’re very few things in life that’re 100% within your control. Your belief system is one of them. Your attitude is another. And your effort is also one of the few things you can control. 100%.


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