Make Results, Not ExcusesThe time you spend making excuses, avoiding accountability and difficult conversations would be better spent doing the work you need to be doing. Excuses never produced a single result; avoiding accountability never built a legacy. The time and energy you spend feeling sorry for yourself and whining to other people about how difficult something is would be better invested in doing the very task you are avoiding. There’s no prize for feeling sorry for yourself.

The time and angst you spend trying to find ways to avoid what needs to be done, searching for shortcuts or looking at information you think confirms your belief should be directed to your most important work. You don’t need to work smarter; you need to work harder. And there’s no amount of information confirming your beliefs that will relieve you of your obligation to produce results. You can invest in your excuses, or invest in results. One choice will make you comfortable, temporarily, and one will make you happy.

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