By Anthony Iannarino – The Sales Blog – March 17, 2020

The problem with a crisis is that when you’re in it, it’s all-consuming, this one especially. When there’s a clear and present danger, your attention and focus naturally go to the threat as a way to protect you from harm. The older primal parts of the brain take over, using your emotions to cause you to focus and act, rather than the relatively new parts of the brain, the elements capable of being logical and rational. Poise means “keeping one’s composure.” It means maintaining control, grace and being courteous. It’s possible to react to the danger without losing your poise, something that’s going to be critical to successfully navigating this threat. You shouldn’t take a real threat lightly, nor should you lose your head and allow fear to paralyze you, preventing you from maintaining your poise and your perspective. The future needs you to do your part, like all of those who have faced the great challenges of the past. A large part of this will be restoring a sense of normalcy. You can do this.