no procrastination concept -  do it nowBy Anthony Iannarino – The Sales Blog – June 1, 2018

Friday People can’t wait for the weekend; they can’t wait to get away ‘cause they don’t enjoy their work enough to want to work outside of scheduled hours. For Friday People, the end of the week is freedom. This doesn’t make Friday People bad people – it just means they don’t find as much joy in their work as do Monday People. Monday People can’t wait to get back to work; they enjoy their work and they’re excited by the prospect of another week of producing results. Monday People count outcomes, not hours.

The results you produce in your life are largely based on what you believe and the actions you take based on those beliefs. If you believe your work is something to engage yourself in doing – that it’s about purpose and meaning – you’ll produce a very different set of results. You’ll also experience a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment. See you back here, early, on Monday.

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