By Anthony Iannarino – The Sales Blog – March 25, 2020

If you’re going to be changed by this crisis, the right place to start is by being more grateful, especially for the things we take for granted. Losing something often causes us to be more thankful for what was lost. You might not have been grateful for your job, your clients or your work family until events beyond our control disrupted those things. I’ll bet you’re thankful, this morning, for the talented people who work in AmeriLife’s IT Department. If you’re going to be changed by the events of 2020, after gratitude, there’s no better place to start than your physical, psychological and emotional health. Crisis and disruptive events can take a toll on you emotionally. Now, the essential things in life: people. Allow this event to change you positively by reminding you of who is important in your life. If there’s a trait you find in nearly every human being, it’s the ability to discover and create solutions to intractable problems. The lessons you learn now prepare you for the next crisis, even if it’s only getting you ready to operate in the next world of unknowns.