Computer Hacker hiding behind laptop with some of his face showingBy Anthony Iannarino – The Sales Blog – March 16, 2018

There are those who present ideas to you as if they are truths you must follow to improve your sales. Here’s a field guide to frauds: The “This Is Dead” Fraud: those frauds who insist that some prospecting methods no longer work; The “Social Only” Fraud: those who insist that social channels produce better results than cold calling;The “Henny Penny” Fraud: those who suggest that the salesperson is irrelevant;

The “Fake News” Fraud: those who share fraudulent facts about sales that lack the smallest hint of credibility;The “Non-selling Expert” Fraud: those who offer sales advice without ever having sold. Bad ideas are infections – once you believe something is true and adjust your actions to those beliefs, the consequences of your actions follow, no matter the harm that comes to you. Avoid frauds.

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