Consumers might have thought more about Medicare plan shopping this fall than they did in 2016 and 2017. The annual election period for 2019 coverage ends today. Most issuers are keeping their Medicare Advantage and Part D drug plan sales activity numbers quiet, as they always do. But a look at Google Trends data shows search activity for terms related to Medicare was significantly stronger this year than in the past two years.


Search Activity for ‘Medicare Plan’

2016-2018 Search Activity for Medicare Plan

Searches for “Medicare plan” soared in 2005, when the Part D plan program came to life. And search activity has been higher this year than in the past – throughout the annual election period – but it’s been especially high this past week. Searches for “Medicare agent” and “Medicare cost” were also higher than in the past two years; that could be a sign that Medicare shoppers dislike the prices they were seeing when shopping for coverage on their own, and that they wanted agents’ help.

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