Personal Producer Network Products

Life Insurance

Life Insurance has been around for generations, providing security and financial growth for families throughout their lifetimes. In addition to paying a death benefit, Life Insurance is also a value builder. Clients can access the cash values that accumulate in the policy during their lifetime to fund vital needs such as a college or a new house.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

A Medicare Supplement policy is senior health insurance sold by private companies to expand health coverage for seniors where the Original Medicare Plan coverage falls short, such as co-pays and deductibles for doctor visits, hospitalization and other medical services. Seniors pay a monthly premium but have few additional out-of-pocket expenses.


Annuities provide the security of a “lifetime income” for your clients. After they have paid into the annuity for a period of time they will begin to receive regular payments that will be a steady stream of income to supplement their Social Security. Also, annuities have great tax benefits. Benefits are tax deferred until your client starts to withdraw.


Ancillary products are basically “all other health products”; Hospital Indemnity, Short Term Care, Accidental Death, etc. Ancillary products “fill the gaps” that traditional health products do not cover.