How to Maintain Your Professional Poise

By Anthony Iannarino – The Sales Blog – March 17, 2020

The problem with a crisis is that when you’re in it, it’s all-consuming, this one especially. When there’s a clear and present danger, your attention and focus naturally go to the threat as a way to protect you from harm. The older primal parts of the brain take over, using your emotions to cause you to focus and act, rather than the relatively new parts of the brain, the elements capable of being logical and rational. Poise means “keeping one’s composure.” It means maintaining control, grace and being courteous. It’s possible to react to the danger without losing your poise, something that’s going to be critical to successfully navigating this threat. You shouldn’t take a real threat lightly, nor should you lose your head and allow fear to paralyze you, preventing you from maintaining your poise and your perspective. The future needs you to do your part, like all of those who have faced the great challenges of the past. A large part of this will be restoring a sense of normalcy. You can do this.



Panic Shopping For Life Insurance

The panic shopping for coronavirus planning doesn’t end with food, water and toilet paper. Some consumers are also panic shopping for life insurance. In the face of widespread fears about infections and quarantines, many Americans are getting their financial houses in order. Fabric, which offers instant online life insurance, saw a 50% increase in life insurance applications since mid-February. LifeQuotes, an online life insurance agency, reports a 29% increase in applications requested since Jan. 20, 2020 – a date commonly used as the day the coronavirus became widely known. Any traditional life insurance policy, such as term life insurance, will be a suitable financial safety net, and consumers now have options for speedy applications. No-exam life insurance policies skip the medical exam and shorten the underwriting time.



Annuity Rankings: A New #1 in 2019

According to the newest annuity sales rankings, Jackson was the top seller of total annuities in 2019. Jackson retakes the lead position after losing it to AIG in 2018. In 2019, Jackson aimed its focus on its fixed annuity market share, propelling its overall growth in 2019, and its fixed indexed annuity sales jumped a staggering 1,293% in 2019, and its fixed-rate deferred annuity sales climbed 169%. Total annuity sales across the nation were $241.7 billion in 2019, an increase of 3% over 2018 results, representing the highest annual annuity sales recorded since 2008. The top 3 manufacturers represented 22% of the market share in 2019, down from 25% market share in 2014.



Market May Bode Well for Fixed Annuities

Last year saw record sales for annuity products as a whole, at $241.7 billion, with Fixed Indexed Annuities selling well in the first part of the year. And an industry lobbying group predicts the annuity market may expand in short order: low interest rates that hindered sales of fixed annuities will rise, and demand for guaranteed-income products will continue to grow as the vast number of Baby Boomers head into retirement, according to the Insured Retirement Institute. About 10,000 Boomers turn 65 every day, a pace that will continue until about 2033. The passage of the SECURE Act also bodes well for sales long term, IRI noted, citing the legislation’s fiduciary protections for plan sponsors. Favorable conditions for those products would give FIA sales a big boost, as would increased sales through broker-dealers, according to Cerulli Associates, who says FIA sales will soon outpace variable annuities.


You Can Be Young and ‘Old School,’ Too

Old School” works better than any other manner of professional commerce. Old School is getting to work early, setting yourself up for success and hitting the ground running. Old School is doing more than’s expected and going the extra mile; it’s keeping your word, contract or no contract. Old School is saying thank you and sending a handwritten note or a thank-you card. Old School is a telephone call or a face-to-face conversation. Old School is a sense of pride in a job well done. Old School is making a contribution to something greater than yourself. You can do this, regardless of your age.



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